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We believe that life is too beautiful to be hindered by neurological disorders. Because of this, we pursue creative and innovative solutions, driven by passionate people devoted to do the right thing for our patients and community. To cure when possible, to improve the quality of life when not. 

Experience and Professionalism


 With years of experience, our medical team will assess you and create a custom recovery plan that's right for you. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your body, so that you can heal quickly. 

Physicians Who Care


Not only will our doctors treat your existing conditions, we also work to prevent pain and illness from occurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.  



Our Doctors


Dr. Ramon Rodriguez 

Fellowship trained in the Surgical and Medical Management of Movement Disorders and treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders

Dr. Lourdes Benes

Fellowship trained in Cognitive & Behavioral Disorders and Movement Disorders

Dr. Nina Tsakadze

Fellowship trained in Headache and Facial Pain

Academic Medicine Within Your Reach


Our medical team has been practicing academic medicine for over a combined 45 year span . You can rest assured that we will bring the best and latest resources, medical research, treatments and therapies for your care and prevention. 

 Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients and their caregivers, by providing outstanding neurological care, empowering them with knowledge and promote lifestyle changes that will better their lives. 

Our Vision is to provide an environment of open communication and mutual respect, collaborating with others in our community, to meet or exceed the expectations of those we serve and our employees, maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. 

SOME Conditions We Treat



Movement Disorders 

Parkinson’s Disease

Deep Brain Stimulation

Essential Tremors


Botulinum Toxin Therapy

Huntington's Disease


Cognitive & Behavioral Disorders

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Alzheimer's Disease

Frontotemporal Dementia

Lewy Body Dementia

Vascular Dementia

Neurodegenerative Disorders


Headache & Facial Pain Disorders

Advanced Treatment of Migraine

Cluster Headache

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Primary and Secondary Headaches

Nerve Block

Chronic Headache Syndromes


Medicine and Research


We know that you want to have access to the latest developments. We collaborate with the major academic centers in the nation and collaborate closely with them for your benefit.

Wellness Support


Our team will support you in building a healthier you. No matter what your health needs are, having a team support that will keep you on the path to meeting them. We work together to connect you with the services you need.

A Healthy Community


When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world. 

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